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Yuan Min


Yuan Min is a professor of Oil Painting in the Art Department, College of Art, at Xiamen University (former University of Amoy). He is a member of China Art Association. He started his career in 1982. His artworks were exhibited nationally and internationally. Many of his artworks were collected by art museums, including Chinese Art Museum.

袁敏 ,男,1961年3月生于四川省。硕士。厦门大学艺术学院教授,硕士生导师,中国美术家协会会员。1982年开始油画创作。作品多次参加全国美展、专题美展、油画大展,出国美展等国家级美术大展,众多作品被中国美术馆、外国美术馆、专业美术馆及收藏家收藏。作品在众多有影响力的国内外专业书籍、杂志、报刊中发表。


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